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Documentary Filming in India

Foreign Audio Visual Agencies

Foreign Audio Visual Agencies intending to shoot documentary films/AV commercials should send the completed application form and signed undertaking (placed below) to the officer responsible for Press and Information work in the concerned Embassy or High Commissions of India for processing. Once the proposal is approved, the Indian missions abroad will issue Journalist (‘J’) visa for travel to India for filming. Documentary filming is not permissible on other types of visas (e.g. tourist/business visas). Import of only filming equipment is facilitated upon issue of the clearance.

Application for filming Documentaries/Commercials in India

  1. Title of the Film:
  2. Producer of the Film:
    (a) Organization:
    (b) Contact Details
  3. Details of Representative in India, if any:
    (a) Organization/Representative
    (b) Contact Details:
  4. Documentaries made earlier by applicant:
    (Attach separate sheet, if required)
  5. Any documentary filmed in India:
    If yes, details thereof (Attach separate sheet, if required):
  6. Has applicant ever refused permission for filming in India?
  7. Is any pre-filming visit intended:
    (a) If so, itinerary thereof:
  8. Is the documentary for public broadcast?
    If so, on which network/channel:

Please Attach The Following:

  • Undertaking (as per form provided)
  • Synopsis of the documentary
  • Exact locations with dates for filming
  • List of cinematic equipment to be used
  • List/full details of crew members
Documentary Filming in India

(Signature of Applicant)
(Signature of Applicant)


  1. With reference to my/our application to make a documentary film in India. I/We hereby undertake to abide by the regulations of the Government of India governing the making of such films.
  2. I / We agree to attachment of a liaison Officer during the entire duration of filming in India If the Government of India or a State Government finds it essential to appoint such a liaison Officer. In the event of a Liaison Officer being appointed. I /We agree to meet the expenses for the travel and stay of the Liaison Officer concerned.
  3. I/We agree that where archaeological monuments are concerned. We would furnish the application in the required proforma with script / synopsis of the subject and content of the film and further that the decision of the Archaeological Survey of India on the filming of such monument will be final. I/ We further agree that the team will follow the advice of the appropriate officer of the Archaeological Survey of India office nearby or on the spot.
  4. I/we also agree to show the film to a representative of the Government of India, If so required , at least two weeks before final telecasting /screening , and furnish in advance a full translation , In English , of the commentary where required . I/We further agree to work constructively with the Government of India representatives to remove deviations. If any , from the approved treatment/ Script of the film and thereby achieve a balanced and accurate exposition of the theme.
Documentary Filming in India
Signature of the Producer

Signature of Leader of the Team
Signature of the Producer

Signature of Leader of the Team

Specimen of clearance issued by XP Division
No.XPR/1213/ 27th July 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

Certified that External Publicity Division, Ministry of External Affairs has no objection to shooting of a documentary film titled "…………..”, by ABC Films, UK. Filming is approved at Bhagalpur, Sultangunj, Patna, Vikramshila and Varshali in Bihar, Gazipur Sarnath, Varanasi, Mirzapur, Chunar, Allahabad, Kanpur, Bijnor, Hastinapur in Uttar Pradesh, Hardiwar, Rishikesh, Rajaji (outside the national park), Deoprayah, Utarkashi, Gangotri and Gaumukh in Uttanchal, Sagar, Bali Gaur, Gosaba, Kolkata and Murshidabad in West Bengal only, subject to following conditions:

The Producers will obtain prior permission of the local authorities / Railways / Port / Airport Authorities concerned, wherever necessary.

No civil Vulnerable Areas / Vulnerable Points and restricted / Protected/ Prohibited areas will be covered during the course of shooting.

There will be no deviation from the original synopsis / programme submitted to this Ministry.

A Liaison Officer may be attached to the filming team, during the filming.

The Mission / Post may preview the final film before screening / telecast. Producers will favourably consider suggestions from the pre-viewer concerning deviations, if any, from the approved synopsis/theme of the documentary.

Producers will take prior permission from the Archaeological Survey of India, on payment of the prescribed fee, if shooting involves any protected Monument Forts etc under the ASI. The application to ASI for such permit is to be made directly by the Producers of their representatives in India, if any.

Any non-financial assistance rendered to the filming team will be appreciated.

Publicity Officer (PR/TV)
XP Division